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Blind Tiger is a bodywork boutique and massage service on the move. We are based in the Philadelphia area focused on providing superior restoration and healing experience. Working with everyone’s specific needs we strive to deliver the most effective and enjoyable bodywork techniques to help you cultivate your most radiant life force.
If I could I would always work in silence and obscurity, and let my efforts be known by their results.
Emily Brontë
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Discover what we can do for you.
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— Mission
Reintroducing you to your body. Improving health and wellbeing. Bringing your mind at peace, giving the body well-deserved ease. Finding ways to heal and emphasizing the importance of body awareness. Life lived to the fullest potential sensing the depth of self.
— Approach
We handcraft your wellness.
I could discover my body anew every day, and through it discover the world around me. I could start again - remake my universe.
Elizabeth Kadetsky
— Philosophy
What it is Touch is our language. It is your first sense. Used in a mindful practice it has limitless power to heal, and can be a remarkable tool to relieve pain. Ultimately, everything a person seeks is a means to feeling happy and fulfilled. Our philosophy is to advocate for regularly scheduled body maintenance as your avenue to mindful body and mind connection.

The five foundations 1. — service. We concentrate on our clients’ goals and deliver well crafted sessions to maximize wellness. 2. — experience. Inspired by the depth of human body intelligence and its’ endless ability to seek for healing, we bring the most effective and most enjoyable forms of bodywork to ease the tension and bring more alignment. 3. — integrity. We enjoy what we do and we do unto others the way we would have them do unto us. Also, we go by the words of Emerson: "Doing well is the result of doing good." 4. — collaboration. We believe in bond and love establishing a genuine connection. Being huge advocates of profound healing benefits of regularly received bodywork, we commit to inspire our clients providing tools to reestablish the connection with the body while on their mind-body journey. We are the investment you will never regret making. 5. — charm. We are personal, intuitive, crafty and humble. Infused with the ideas of wabi-sabi philosophy and reverence of every moment's beauty, we approach life with simplicity and repose, inviting everyone to be in peace with themselves and their surroundings.
— Contact
— Contact
Drop us a line with any questions or feedback
Call: +1 (267) 616-0347
Studio: 1700 Sansom Street, Floor 6.  Find us
Follow: @blindtigerbodywork
May you feel protected and safe
May you feel contented and pleased
May your body support you with strength
May your life unfold smoothly and with ease
Sylvia Borstein
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