Can You Use a Massage Gun While Pregnant?

You’ve probably seen those ads for massage guns that promise to relieve muscle pain. But can you use a massage gun while pregnant?

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During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes. Your muscles and joints can ache, and you may have trouble sleeping. Massage can help relieve some of these discomforts.

A massage gun is a handheld device that uses percussion to massage your muscles. It’s similar to a vibrator, but with a more focused vibration.

You may wonder if it’s safe to use a massage gun while pregnant. The answer depends on several factors, including your stage of pregnancy and whether you have any underlying health conditions.

The Benefits of Massage Guns

massage guns have become a popular tool for treating muscle pain, aches, and stiffness. Proponents of massage guns claim that they can provide relief from pain, improve range of motion, and help reduce inflammation. But can you use a massage gun while pregnant?

Relief from Muscle Aches and Pains

A massage gun is a device that uses percussive therapy to provide relief from muscle aches and pains. It is a handheld device that can be used on any part of the body, and it is often used by athletes to relieve sore muscles after working out. Massage guns are also becoming increasingly popular with people who suffer from chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia.

There are many benefits of using a massage gun, and pregnant women can certainly benefit from this type of therapy. Massage guns can help to relieve muscle tension, which can lead to a decrease in headaches and back pain. Additionally, the use of massage guns can help to improve blood circulation, which is especially important for pregnant women who may be prone to varicose veins. Finally, percussive therapy can help to release endorphins, which can lead to an overall feeling of well-being.

Increased Circulation

One of the benefits of using a massage gun is that it can help increase circulation. This is especially beneficial if you are pregnant and have swollen ankles or feet. The increased circulation can also help to reduce any muscle aches and pains that you may be experiencing.

Improved Joint Mobility

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that using a massage gun before exercise can help improve your joint mobility. The study’s participants who used the massage gun before working out had better range of motion in their joints than those who didn’t use the massage gun. The improved range of motion can help you perform your exercises more effectively and with better form.

The Risks of Massage Guns

Pregnant women are often advised to steer clear of massage guns. This is because there is a lack of research on the safety of massage guns during pregnancy. Massage guns can cause deep tissue damage, which can be harmful to the developing baby. It is best to avoid using massage guns during pregnancy unless you are under the care of a doctor.

Blood Clots

As might be expected, there are some risks associated with using massage guns. One of the most serious is the potential for blood clots.

When you massage an area of your body, you increase the blood flow to that area. This is generally a good thing, as it helps to encourage healing and reduce pain. However, if you massage an area for too long, or if you massage too deeply, you can cause the blood vessels in that area to rupture.

If the blood vessels rupture, they can release small clots into your bloodstream. These clots can then travel to other parts of your body and cause serious problems, such as blockages in your lungs or heart.

There have been cases of people developing blood clots after using massage guns, so it is important to be aware of the risks before using one. If you have any concerns, Speak to your doctor before using a massage gun.

Preterm Labor

Using a massage gun during pregnancy has not been studied and is not recommended. There is a potential risk of causing premature labor. If you are experiencing any bleeding, cramping, or other symptoms of preterm labor, stop using the massage gun and call your doctor immediately.


There is always a risk of infection when the skin is broken. This is why it’s important to clean the massage gun before and after each use. If the gun is not properly cleaned, there is a risk of transferring bacteria or viruses from one person to another. There is also a risk of infection if the massage gun is used on open wounds or cuts.

How to Use a Massage Gun Safely

If you want to use a massage gun while pregnant, you should always consult with your doctor first. Generally, it is safe to use a massage gun during pregnancy, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. For example, you should avoid using the massage gun on your abdomen, and you should also avoid using it for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Choose the Right Massage Gun

With so many different massage guns on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. If you’re pregnant, you’ll want to make sure you choose a massage gun that is safe to use during pregnancy.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a massage gun:

-Choose a massage gun that is specifically designed for use during pregnancy.
-Choose a massage gun with a soft, flexible head that won’t put too much pressure on your belly.
-Avoid using a massage gun on your lower back or spine, as this could put too much pressure on your baby.
-Don’t use a massage gun on your joints or muscles if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort.
-Talk to your healthcare provider before using a massage gun if you have any concerns.

Use the Massage Gun Correctly

Now that you know how a massage gun can help relieve pain, let’s go over how to use one. First, it’s important to understand that there is such a thing as too much massage. So, even though the massage gun can be tempting to use for long periods of time, it’s important to give your body a break in between sessions. Start by using the massager for just 15-30 seconds on each muscle group. If you find that you need more time on a particular muscle group, you can increase the time for future sessions. But, in general, 15-30 seconds should be enough time to get the benefits of the massage without overdoing it.

When using the massager, it’s important to apply light pressure at first and then increase the pressure as needed. You should never have to force the massager into your muscle; if you do, you’re probably using too much pressure. As you move the massager around, keep an eye out for any areas of pain or discomfort. If you find a sensitive spot, hold the massager on that spot for a few seconds before moving to another area.

It’s also important to keep the massager moving while you use it. For example, if you’re using it on your back, don’t just hold it in one spot; move it around so that different areas of your back get attention. The same goes for other muscle groups; don’t focus on just one spot for too long.

Follow the Safety Precautions

If you’re considering using a massage gun during pregnancy, it’s important to follow the safety precautions. Although there is no definitive answer on whether or not massage guns are safe for pregnant women, there are certain risks that you should be aware of.

First and foremost, if you have any medical concerns, it’s always best to speak with your doctor before using a massage gun. Additionally, when using a massage gun during pregnancy, be sure to avoid any areas that may be uncomfortable or tender. It’s also important to keep the intensity level low and to use the massager for short periods of time.

As long as you follow the safety precautions, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the benefits of a massage gun during pregnancy. If at any time you feel discomfort or pain, be sure to stop using the massager and consult with your doctor.


Based on the available evidence, it’s generally safe to use a massage gun during pregnancy. However, it’s important to discuss any concerns with your doctor or midwife first. If you have any medical conditions that may be aggravated by massage, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, you should avoid using a massage gun.

It’s also important to avoid using a massage gun on your abdomen during pregnancy. This area is especially sensitive during pregnancy and can be easily injured. If you’re unsure about how to use a massage gun safely during pregnancy, it’s best to consult with a qualified professional before using one.

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