How Much to Tip for a Massage

How much should you tip for a massage? It depends on the quality of the service and your personal preferences, but here are some general guidelines to help you make a decision.

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Tipping for a Massage

The standard amount to tip for a massage is 20%. This 20% is based on the before-tax bill for the service. If you’re happy with your massage and the service provided, then a 20% tip is appropriate. You can give a little more or a little less depending on the situation, but 20% is a good starting point.

The Standard Tip

The industry standard for tipping a massage therapist is 15-20%. If you received an exceptional massage and want to show your appreciation with a larger tip, you can always do so at your discretion. Remember that massage therapists are not striving to earn tips, but they definitely rely on them as a significant part of their income. A gratuity is greatly appreciated, and it is always your prerogative to leave one.

Tipping for a Deep Tissue Massage

While the standard tip for a massage is 20%, tips for deep tissue massages can be higher. Deep tissue massages are typically more intense than other types of massages, and the extra pressure can be hard on the massage therapist. If you had a good experience and feel that your therapist did a great job, it’s perfectly acceptable to tip more. In fact, many people do tip more for deep tissue massages – 25% to 30% is not uncommon.

Tipping for a Couples Massage

Is it customary to tip for a couples massage? How much should you tipping for a couples massage?

Tipping for a couples massage is not really necessary, but if you feel the therapists did a great job, feel free to give them each a small tip. The standard tip for a massage is 15-20%, so you could give each therapist $3-4 per person, or more if you really enjoyed your experience.

When Not to Tip

In some cases, you shouldn’t tip for a massage. If the service was poor, for example, you may choose not to leave a gratuity. If you’re at a hotel spa where they add a service charge to the bill, that charge may cover the tip, so you don’t need to leave an additional gratuity. Talk to the massage therapist before your service to see if a gratuity is included.

When the Service Was Bad

If the masseuse was rude, didn’t provide the type of massage you wanted, or otherwise gave you a bad experience, it is appropriate to withhold a tip. It is also polite to speak to the manager about your concerns so that they can address the issue with the masseuse.

When You’re on a Budget

While tipping is optional, it’s always appreciated by your service providers. If you’re on a tight budget, though, there are some situations where you can go without tipping or tip a lower amount.

First, take a look at the business’s policy on tipping. Some places have a no-tipping policy, which means that tips are included in the price of the service. If this is the case, then you don’t need to worry about tipping.

Second, consider whether the service provider is an independent contractor or an employee of the business. Independent contractors usually don’t rely on tips as part of their income, so you may not feel obligated to tip them. On the other hand, employees usually rely on tips to make ends meet, so you may want to consider tipping them a little extra.

Finally, think about how much you can afford to tip. If you’re really tighten on money, it’s perfectly fine to not give a tip or to give a smaller amount than usual. Just be sure to express your gratitude for the service you received.

How to Tip

The average tip for a massage is 20%. This can be given before or after the service. If you are happy with the service, you can give a larger tip.

Tipping in Cash

If you’re paying in cash, it’s always best to tip after your service is complete. This way, you can be sure that your tip goes directly to the therapist. If you’re paying with a credit card, you can either tip in cash or add the tip to your bill.

Tipping With a Credit Card

If you’re paying with a credit card, you can add the tip to your total bill. Slide the card into the reader and enter the tip amount when prompted. Typically, you’ll be able to choose from pre-selected tip amounts, or you can type in a custom amount. If you don’t want to leave a tip on your credit card, simply select “no tip” or “0%.”

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