What to Wear to a Massage: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re thinking about getting a massage, you may be wondering what to wear. Here’s a complete guide to what to wear (and not wear) to your next massage.

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The Benefits of Massage

There are many benefits to getting a massage. A good massage can help to improve your circulation, release toxins from your muscles, and help to calm your nervous system. Massage can also help to improve your flexibility and range of motion. Getting a massage can also help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Reduces stress

One of the most common benefits of massage is that it can help to reduce stress. Massage can help to increase levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body, which are two neurotransmitters that are known to play a role in stress management. Massage can also help to increase levels of oxytocin, which is a hormone that is associated with happiness and relaxation.

Relieves pain

There are many benefits of massage, but one of the most well-known is its ability to relieve pain. Massage can be used to relieve a variety of pain conditions, including headaches, back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain, and even menstrual cramps. If you suffer from chronic pain, regular massage may help to reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Improves circulation

A massage can improve circulation by helping to move blood through your congested areas. This is especially beneficial if you have any injuries or conditions that cause poor circulation. During a massage, your muscles contract and release in a rhythmic fashion, which helps to loosen and break up any blockages in your circulatory system. The improved circulation brought about by massage can also help to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your cells, which helps to fight inflammation and promote healing.

Promotes relaxation

There are many benefits to getting a massage, including promoting relaxation. Studies have shown that massage can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as promote better sleep. When you are relaxed, your body is better able to heal itself and fight off infection. Massage can also help to reduce pain, improve circulation, and increase range of motion.

What to Wear to a Massage

When you go for a massage, you want to be comfortable. You want to be able to relax and not have to worry about your clothing. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are choosing what to wear to a massage.

Loose, comfortable clothing

The best type of clothing to wear to a massage is loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. You want to be able to relax and not have to worry about your clothing being too tight or uncomfortable. Massage therapists will often use sheets or towels to drape over you, so you don’t need to worry about wearing anything special.


One of the most important things you can do to ensure a comfortable massage is to wear the right clothing. You want to be sure you are properly covered, but you also want to be able to relax. The best way to achieve both is by wearing layers.

You will want to start with a comfortable pair of shorts or yoga pants. This will allow you to move freely while still being covered. Next, add a tank top or t-shirt. This will provide an additional layer of coverage and allow your skin to breathe. Finally, add a light jacket or sweatshirt. This will keep you warm during the massage and can be removed if you get too hot.

Remember, comfort is key! Massages are meant to be relaxing, so do not hesitate to adjust your clothing if you need to. If something feels too tight or constricting, it will only serve to distract you from the massage itself.

Shoes and socks

Ideally, you should be barefoot for a massage. That way, your therapist can work on your feet and lower legs without having to maneuver around socks and shoes. Plus, it’s more comfortable to be barefoot.

If you must keep your shoes and socks on for the massage for any reason, make sure they’re clean. Your therapist will appreciate it, and you’ll feel better knowing your feet aren’t adding to the massage environment.

What NOT to Wear to a Massage

It is important to be comfortable during your massage, but what you wear can also affect your experience. You want to avoid anything that will bunch up or be uncomfortable when lying down. Here is a list of what NOT to wear to a massage.

Heavy perfume or cologne

Applying heavy perfume or cologne before a massage is not only distracting to your therapist, but it can also be offensive to other customers. If you must wear fragrance, apply it lightly and allow it to dry completely before your appointment.


We get it, you love your jewelry. But trust us, it’s best to leave it at home before your massage. That goes for all types of jewelry, from dainty rings and bracelets to chunky necklaces and even body piercings.

Here’s why: first, there’s the issue of comfort. lying face-down on a massage table with a bunch of metal on your body can start to feel pretty uncomfortable after a while. And then there’s the practicality side of things – massage therapists need to be able to access your skin, so any jewelry that gets in the way is just going to get in the way (and might even get damaged).

So save yourself the headache (and potential neck pain) and leave your jewelry at home before your next massage!

Street clothes

Clothing choice is an important part of preparing for a massage. The wrong outfit can leave you feeling uncomfortable or even exposed, while the right ensemble will help you relax and get the most out of your treatment.

There are a few things to avoid wearing to a massage, including street clothes. While you might feel more comfortable in your jeans and T-shirt, they can actually be quite constricting and prevent the therapist from being able to work effectively. If you’re not sure what to wear, it’s best to opt for something loose and comfortable that won’t restrict your movement.

Another thing to avoid wearing to a massage is anything that is overly tight or constricting. This includes clothing such as jeans or Spanx-type garments that can make it difficult for the therapist to massage certain areas of your body. For optimal comfort (and results), stick to clothing that is loose and breathable.

Finally, it’s important to avoid wearing anything that is too revealing. While massages are typically performed with you partially or fully clothed, you should still dress in a way that is respectful of the therapist and their professional environment. This means avoiding tank tops, short shorts, or any other garments that might leave you feeling exposed during your session.

Tips for Dressing for a Massage

When you book a massage, you’re likely looking forward to relax and rejuvenate. Part of the relaxation process is feeling comfortable in your environment – and that includes what you’re wearing. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to what to wear to a massage, so you can relax and feel comfortable from the moment you walk in.

Arrive early to change

One of the most relaxing parts of getting a massage is being able to slip out of your clothes and into a comfy robe. If you don’t have time to stop at home before your appointment, arrive early and change into one of the provided robes. You’ll feel more relaxed from the start.

Bring a robe or cover-up

Most spas offer robes or other cover-ups for their guests to use before and after treatments. However, if you’d feel more comfortable in your own clothes, that’s fine, too. Just be sure to bring something loose and comfortable to change into. Avoiding tight clothing will help you feel more relaxed during your massage.

Ask if you have any questions

If you’re not sure what to wear to a massage, don’t worry – you’re not alone. With so many different choices out there, it can be hard to know what will be comfortable and what will allow the therapist to do their job effectively.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right outfit for your next massage:

-Wear something comfortable that you can easily move in. Loose, soft clothing is usually best.
-Avoid anything tootight or constricting. You want to be able to relax, and tight clothing can make that difficult.
-If you’re going to be naked, make sure you’re okay with that before you book the appointment. Some people feel more comfortable with a towel or sheet covering them, while others prefer to be naked. It’s up to you!
-Ask if you have any questions! If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to ask the therapist for advice. They’ll be more than happy to help you choose the right outfit for your massage.

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